image fr. LucWho the heck…?

Well, although these videos were not made to publicize myself or a community, I would just like to take A Minute (as we like to do, haha!) to introduce myself…
I am Fr. Luc Emmerich, from the Brothers of Saint John (a roman catholic community). I was born in 1974, am half french, half german, and was raised in France, just south of Paris. At the age of 20 I entered the community, and since I finished my training, I have spent the last 15 years on missions to Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Austria. Before becoming a friar I also spent few months in Asia. Since 2010, I have been serving as the superior (some would say I’m the boss, but that’s definitely not true!) in our Priory of Marchegg close to Vienna in Austria. Where will I go next? Only God knows!

Who are the “Brothers of Saint John”?monks sisters chapel St Jodard

We are a young community of monks, founded 40 years ago in Switzerland by a dominican priest named Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe. Our mother house is in France, but now we are spread all over the world, in over 30 countries, on all 5 continents. We have a contemplative and missionary life. We try to live in a loving relationship with Jesus, just like St John the Evangelist did. Prayer, search for truth, brotherly life and apostolic life are key to us. There are also Sisters of Saint John. Our habit is grey, as you can see. You can find a lot more information here and here.

making videosWhy are you making these videos on YouTube?

Well, I guess you could say it was an inspiration (at least I hope it was)!
Pope Francis so often talks about being missionaries, about God not being scared of new things, about inventing new ways to carry God’s Word to the world. And YouTube is such a huge platform, which so many people use, so we thought… why don’t we try to go there and meet some of them? Fr. Barron and some other great figures doing media work were also an inspiration to us. That’s how the adventure started, in the summer of 2014. With the help of my brothers, I started gathering some material, acquiring a bit of technical competence, and, with the blessing of our Prior General, we dived into the cold water! The first video was uploaded in January 2015, totally home-made, by a handful of monks who had almost no idea what they were doing!

photographyOne year later there were already 30 videos and the channel received good feedback and encouragement from different corners of the world. It’s still slowly growing, trying to find its way, and to work out how to help people in the best way…
So far we are doing everything (writing, filming and editing) on our own. Before we started, I never had a clue about all this, never did it before, as my (very short) studies before becoming a monk was more in literature and art… but with God’s help, nothing is impossible!

Why is it called “A Minute with a Monk”?

white chair garden minute with a monkIt just came to me like that, one day! I was looking for a simple title, that would be easy to remember, and also not too serious, and after all, not everybody has the opportunity to spend a minute with a monk! :). Sometimes when people just hear this title they start to smile…

And by the way, why is this website called “a white chair”? Because to make these podcasts I am often sitting on an old white director’s chair I found here…

Do you earn money with this?

No, not at all. As you can see, there is no advertising (we did not click on “monetizing”) so viewing does not bring us any money. It’s made on a voluntary basis, in order to serve and help. The cost of cameras, computer and software were covered by donations.

minute monk ok okHow can I support what you guys are doing?

Well, firstly by praying for us. Then by subscribing to the videos, giving them a « thumbs up » and maybe sharing them. Or talking about it with someone. By writing a comment. By giving me your feedback: what do you think is good and what can we do better? (write to me at: By giving me ideas for new topics or new formats. And if you want, you can give me your postal address and I will send you a little pack of flyers, that you can put somewhere or give away (you can see one of the flyers types here). Or you could pin one in your house or on a noticeboard somewhere! I would highly appreciate that. Be blessed, my friends!





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