This our very very first video! Quite a crazy idea, but with God's help, nothing is impossible...It took us 6 month to be able to do this :)

video monks really live

And this is the second one. At that time we just had a little sony computer, that wasn't made for the editing at all... but somehow it worked!

how to live monks videos catholic

And here the third one. The first video editing software we had was so complicated and hard to use... It took hours and hours and hours...

Miniature How To Live 3

And here the fourth one! After having done some dancing, singing, drawing and chatting, we just open the good book!

a minute with a monk how to live

And now, this subject! Who can say : I don't care about that? :) When we filmed this I just came back from the desert... 

a minute with a monk desert happiness

This is the one in which Br. Joseph Martin and I are doing some acting, it was so funny to film that...

monks minute acting meryl streep

In the third one I tried something new, a dialog between the true and the false self (like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings :))

how be happy


Did you ever see a monk writing "Come to Me" on the grass with himself and some peace of wood? (well, me neither...)

how to be happy

And now, a series about this deep and important topic! Listen to brother JM singing and playing Johnny Cash... 

minute monk suffering

And here (it's springtime a last!) we are doing some acting with our brother Antal! Will Smith comes to the rescue...

fr antal monks suffering wisdom

Do you like this "title" I made with images from the desert? And I also pick up my pen again to draw a little...

monks catholic desert

This video is quite precious to me, because of it's message: it's simple to tell but when you just do it it's life-changing!

MINIAT How Suffering 4

Now let's talk about families! (Did you notice, each time I try to improve a bit the thumbnails, or at least to try new things!)

a minute with a monk, how to be a family

I have friends called Möli and Bern, who live in Vienna and just gave birth to a baby. What do they have to say about it?

a minute with a monk how be family

It's such a blessing to know so many wonderful people! Just listen to them sharing their wisdom with you...

how be family minute monk

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Well, although the message is ok, one cannot say that this is the best video I ever made, haha...

minute monk

A LOVE GREATER THAN THE WORLD. Beautiful location! Just sitting close to the ocean and thinking about being loved.

minute monk, ocean, love

ENERGY FROM ABOVE. In the burning heat of the summer, an example coming from solar energy, and it's meaning. 

a minute with a monk, solar energy

WHAT'S GOD'S PLAN FOR ME?  During a christian music festival (it rocks behind us!) with a friend called Tobi.

minute monk, God's plan

BEING A MONK IS SOOO BORING. This one is in the playlist called "Special". You will soon notice why, haha. 

minute  monk, parody, funny

DON'T MESS UP YOUR LIFE. What Br. Joseph Martin did at the end was not planned at all, I promise :). (but I like it!)

minute monk, life leading

TEACHING OF TREES. Traveling through the Provence (South of France), among these beautiful cypress trees.

a minute monk

I really like this one, it was great to work with all these friends. I also like the message, the music and the sceneries

minute monk part sister

Interesting question, isn't it? My two brothers, who where here for a visit, answered from their hearts. 

become monk

JESUS YES, CHURCH NO? On St Peters Square in Rome, just interviewing people. The lighting is so beautiful. 

minute monk, rome, church

This one is very nice too, there is such a joy radiating from my priest brothers, despite the cold and snow. 

minute monk priests

HOW DO I COPE WITH SADNESS? With Fr. Paulus from the Franciscans "of the Bronx", a great guy! 

minute monk, cope sadness

I was supposed to stay in silence for a one week retreat in this beautiful abbey, but I couldn't resist doing this, haha. 

live monk mieux

A friend called Michael, from South Africa, just finished reading "Little Flower"'s life. So we just switched on the cam!

little flower, theres lisieux

DO YOU KNOW "JOAN OF ARC"? Maybe we start a new playlist called "5 Minutes with a Saint", no? (Thank's to Walter!)

minute monk, joan of arc

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