Sometimes I put some image like this on our social media, to help you guys have a better day.

I believe this is possible! He is brave and He lives in me, so what's impossible?

This was one of the first pictures we put on twitter. It was taken during a youth feast in Pöllau, Austria

Beautiful and famous sentence from Pope Benedict. This picture comes from the youth feast of Pentecost in Salzburg, Austria.

Little by little I learnt how to make a collage with Pickmonkey and I must say it's quite funny...

did you ever see this? Come here and you will see us doing this and even more crazy things :). Belonging to God is not boring at all, I must say...

Almost each and every picture you take in the desert turns out to be beautiful. This was right before morning prayer.

This was in Cameroon in 2009 or so, during a visit to our sisters place in the region of Bertoua.

Joy is what Jesus wants to give us so much! (Here one of our brothers fooling around in Wichita,  Kansas)

This is true, often you just need to let go and be like a child again.

This is one of our flyer pictures: Br. Joseph Martin praying the rosary somewhere.

Pope Francis is not afraid of saying such things. Let's do it, and use  the medias like God wants it!

This picture  (found on the Internet) is so hilarious.  And we so much agree with the quote!

A desert picture again. This was a break we took under a tree during one of the last days. And the quote is sooo good.

This was during a retreat for family fathers somewhere in Austria. Wow if only this quote was true for all of us!

Ok, even if it's not Easter right now, the picture (from our brothers and sisters in Philippines) is so funny that I post it here!

Quite a mysterious but very true quote. A picture of the Sahara again (I used to wear a large gandura when I was there).

After Easter we often hit the road and go for a trip somewhere. This was in the north of Italy. The Dolomites are so amazing!

This prayer, I'm sure pope Benedict makes it every day. This pic was taken in the cloister of St Paul Outside the Walls in Rome.

If we would only realize what the Eucharist really is... ! (This was taken in Caorle at the Adria, in Summer 2015. )

I like this quote, and Prince Eas song  on this. The change begins in us.

This picture is guaranteed without Photoshop :). The old abbey of Hauterive in Switzerland is such a place of peace.

The Eucharist is not something. It's someone. (During the youth festival at Pentecost in Salzburg, Austria)

Such a beautiful quote. Jesus just wants me to STAY with Him. (This was on an evening in the desert,  we were just sitting there making music, facing the sunset)

The sunrise in the desert is one of the most beautiful things on earth. We were sitting on top of a dune as high as mountain., in the early morning, and we just waited.

Really? Reeeaaaally? God does too. And the one he has for you is beyond everything you dreamed of.

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