“You will see, it’s sooo easy!”

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This is what I was told at the very beginning: “It’s nothing to start a YouTube channel, everybody can do it!” Well, I believe this is true, but when I look back I can see it wasn’t exactly nothing :)

monk prayingA Helping Hand from Above

micro minute monkBut God said: Come on, I will help you and will be with you. It’s me who wants you guys to do this, ok? So at first, pray. A lot. Then think a bit. Find a concept, think about how you will do it, ask a bunch of people for advice, then watch tons of videos explaining how to make videos(!), learn the rules of youtube (I thought you could just do what you want… but you can’t :), the copyright issue for example was quite new for me), buy a camera, a lens, learn how to use it (for the first time in your life) find a tripod, some daylight lamps and purchase a good microphone (the sound is key, I heard :)).

Then build a kind of little studio, make tons of (failed) tests, stop being scared and nervous in front of the camera (Oh My God, this is real hard to overcome), then buy a video-making software and LEARN! (We started with Magix Video Deluxe, how it’s called, -it’s what I found here- with it’s user guide of 200 pages, haha!) and start using it on your little laptop that is so week and slow (It so often broke down in the middle of the editing!) but NEVER MIND! “Where there is a will there is a way”.

Learning by doing

minute with monk, videos, youtube joyThen learn how to make nice thumbnails or end card, without Photoshop (too expensive) but with Pickmonkey  (A monk at Pickmonkey, haha) (Ok that was not funny), learn how to upload on the platform, (how to use tags, annotations, playlists, calls-to-action, description boxes, etc). One day you’ll have to make a channel trailer too (ok, later maybe).  And you have to upload a video each week or every two weeks, because consistancy is so important on Youtube (Got it?).

For this you have to write the “script” in a language that is not yours, then go find your brothers and friends, ignore your strange accent and just do the shooting! You gonna figure it out, and it’s even going to be funny.

social media sign minute monkAND don’t forget you will need social medias too. So open a “Minute with a Monk” profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest (Good Lord, I didn’t even know all this existed!), and on all these medias you have to publish things, invite new friends every day and interact a bit with your followers. And you also need a special email address, of course. Also remember to sign in at Google Analytics and Dropbox and Envato and Reddit and Unsplash and… (I forgot)

Ok that’s enough. No?

NOOO! You will also need a website, because on YT when your channel starts to grow a bit it’s necessary! (I never did this in my life, for me it’s just a scary monster). Never mind, you’ll handle it. Oh, and a BLOG, too! (which you are reading now, haha). So ask some web designer friends for advice, go buy a domain name and a WordPress theme, go back watching a bunch of videos (“How to..”) and just do it! (Learn to understand (and even use!) barbarian words like Plugin, Widgets, Permalinks and Hyperlinks, Templates, Sidebars and Footers, Taglines, Primary and Secondary Menus, and so on). (Does the wordpress dashboard also exist in french? En français? Pleeeease) (No, it doesn’t. Ok, never mind).

“Don’t think too much. Just believe.”This was during my african years. We are sitting close to the laguna in Assinie , Ivory Coast.

See? All this is totally possible with Me, says God! And besides you will go on living your life as a religious brother and superior, carry on praying and preaching and doing tons of things with a joyful heart! And above all, don’t forget to pray. And to pray again.

VOILAAAA! That’s how it works, friends. And the funny thing is that all this goes really well, at the end, so you think: Ok, the one who told me that “it’s sooo easy”: was he really so wrong?


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