The Daily Life Of Monks

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What do Monks do all day long?chapel Marchegg

Nothing, for sure, they just sit around and watch their flowers grow :). Or you also may think they just stay locked away for the rest of their lives not knowing anything about reality.

Really? Ok, so let me give you a little insight of what our daily life is like. We (for example) are 7 brothers and we live in a priory (this is a picture of our wooden church that I took at sunset one evening) within a village that is located not too far from Vienna.

chapel inside, EasterMorning

We wake up and 6 and gather in the chapel for the silent prayer until 7. Then we have the Lauds (it’s the Liturgy of the Hours: singing the Psalms). Then little meeting to talk about what will happen this day. The breakfast (in silence), then “Lectio Divina” (each brothers reads in the Bible, in his cell) (For the monks we don’t say “room” but “cell”, like for the bees:)). Then every brother does his work. At 11 we have Holy Mass (or sometimes in the evening), and after Mass 15 Minutes silent prayer in thanksgiving. (This picture shows our chapel on a big feast day). Midday prayer (Psalms), then meal in silence also, with a reading. One or two brothers are cooking.

Afternoonmonks selfie danube austria

Then we do the dish washing, and then in the afternoon it depends: some care about the garden or the heating (we heat with wood), on one day we clean the house, or we do sports, or a brothers meets people who come to talk or for confessions or for marriage preparations, or we do the rooms or so for the guest (we have a guest house too), a brother is the parish priest (we have the responsibility of the parish here), so he does that (youth groups, baptisms, funerals, and so on), another one answers the emails or prayer requests, or goes somewhere to visit sick or old people, or to preach, or makes YouTube videos:), and so on and on and on…

At 6 we have Vespers (psalms), (where we pray in intercession for the world) and an hour silent adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament.


Then we have dinner (in silence). (It’s only on sunday that we talk).The guest are always eating with us. Then we have the “Salve Regina” which is the last prayer of the day, to the Virgin Mary (very nice gregorian chant) before the silence of the night.

And More

Each monday we have our “day of desert”, a day where there are few things all together, where every brother can have more time to pray and rest. On sunday we sometimes go visit people or we go for a walk with a brother. Each month we have a “day off” where we go to visit a place of walk in the nature.

Salzburg FeastSometimes we have retreats , and often in the week-ends groups are coming here to make recollections or just people who seek the silence and the prayer. We have days for Families and prayer and worship evening each month, and so on.

In the Summer we often have bigger apostolic activities like youth camps or pilgrimages or music festivals or youth trips to the World Youth day (like this year), or philosophy sessions, etc… Sometimes we also go to France for bigger meetings of the Community and to see our brothers and sisters again.

And such is life going, just trying to do, every minute, what God wants for us. It’s such a deep Joy to live with Him and do His Will, simply. We are not even worthy to have been chosen for this life, this vocation: Belonging to Him alone.

And as we are missionary brothers too, most of the time after 6 or 8 years or so we leave to go to another place, where we are most needed. We have around 60 houses like this around the world, so it’s always a surprise! But each time it’s like hearing the voice of Jesus saying “Follow me”!

So that was it, for today. Thank you for reading this, friends, and be blessed!


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