First Birthday!

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a minute with a monkOne year ago (well, a bit more) a new little island appeared in the huge YouTube ocean : some monks from Austria started making little videos to spread these good news: You are loved by Someone Greater than the world, and your heart is good.

With hardly no means at all, and no experience of media work, they began with baby steps! A lot of friends, who say the sample videos, gave their advices and encouraged this!

pope francis youthA fearless pope

Even our Prior General and our superiors told us: Do it, don’t hesitate! But the one who, even earlier, had inspired us the most was our Pope Francis, who unceasingly calls to “find new ways to carry the Word of God to the world”.  Sometimes he says: “Wake up the world!“, or even: “Shake things up” or “make a mess!” (haha, this I think we can do!). How can we just stay indifferent to this? Of course there are a lot of ways to answer this calling, but this is maybe one of them.

A new website

And now we “celebrate” the first birthday of this crazy idea by launching this little website! Hope you will like it, friends! Also totally home-made (some friends gave us precious advices), this modest site is meant to be a help for those who want to know more about what we are doing, or who discovered the videos and just want to keep on seeking!

Tanks a lot for dropping by, friends! Be blessed abundantly!




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  1. I love the videos and I love your website. Thank you for sharing your joyful experience of God with so many. I am the Vocations Coordinator for an Anglican religious order in Canada (The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine: http://www.ssjd ca) and I teach at Toronto School of Theology. I am sharing your videos with inquirers to our community and also with my theology students. SSJD is starting a new program this September for young women in their 20s and 30s called Companions on the Way ( and one of the women who will be coming for a year is from Austria (now living in Canada). I would love to meet all of you!
    Sister Constance Joanna Gefvert (Connie)

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      Dear sister Constance, sorry for answering so late (I was absent), and thank you for this wonderful comment; it really encourages us! We have the same patron, I suppose that “saint John the divine ” is John the Evangelist. I am glad that there is an austrian woman among the people you care about. May God bless all your work! Pray for us too. Fr. Luc

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